Carolina Payday Loans

A payday loan is a short-term loan that is meant to help you take care of any immediate financial needs. The loan balance is normally due in full on the next payday.

Payday loans are very helpful to those people who tend to have a steady income and need some quick cash to take care of an unexpected emergency. Some of the emergencies that a payday loan may help you to cover include utility bills, car repairs, hospital bills, among others.

Getting a payday loan is very easy, and you can simply apply for it by locating any OakParkFinancial store near you and head over to it and apply for the loan in person.

Once it has been approved, you will be given the cash you need to take care of your needs. You may also apply for the loan directly from our website through a simple and user-friendly process.

Another option you can take is by calling our customer care team who are always on hand to help you with the loan application.

Are Payday Loans Available in Carolina? How Much Can Someone Borrow?

Yes, payday loans are available in Carolina and anyone who meets the set requirements can apply for a payday loan. You can get loans ranging from $100-$550.

However, it is important to note that the amount that is likely to be approved will depend on various factors such as your income and the standard underwriting criteria.

What Do I Need To Apply for Carolina Payday Loans?

  • You must be a resident of the state you choose to apply for the loan.
  • You must be above the age of 18.
  • It is not a must for you to be employed, but you are required to have a steady source of income that will help you to repay the loan. 
  • You must have a valid government-issued ID.
  • Proof of income and proof of bank checking account will be required. Pre-printed checks or debit cards may be accepted as proof of a bank checking account. 
  • If you are a debtor in a bankruptcy case, then you will not qualify for a payday loan.
  • You must not be a member of the Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Army serving on active duty under order or a call that doesn’t specify a period of thirty days or less. You must also not be a dependent active member of the armed forces.

When can I receive the Funds in My Account?

You will receive the funds once your application has been received and approved according to the information provided by you.

When Will My Loan Be Due?

The loan will be due on your next payday. The exact due date will be communicated to you once the loan has been approved.

How do I Repay the Loan?

You will be required to repay the loan in the store where the loan application was done with cash on the due date or before the due date. If you make an early payment, then you will not be penalized.

You may also contact our customer care team if you need further assistance with repaying the loan so that they may give assist you accordingly.

Can I Refinance or Extend The Payday loan?

Unfortunately, refinancing is not permitted on Carolina payday loans.

What Happens if Someone Changes their Mind?

It is important to note that each loan comes with a seventy-two-hour satisfaction guarantee. This means that in case you change your mind regarding your loan, then you can return the principle within seventy-two hours, and you won’t have to pay anything more.

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