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Installment Loans

Online Installment Loans Texas

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Online Installment Loans Texas

Online Installment Loans Texas

A credit access company can provide you with installment loans to quickly pay for your emergency expenses or to cover your regular monthly bills while you deal with the situation. 

An emergency can occur at any time. You might have a flat tire on your way to work or someone you love needs to go to the emergency room. In such cases, money can be a concern no matter what the situation. 

You can apply for and receive funding online. It is convenient and allows you to focus your limited time and energy in the immediate situation.

Oak Park Financial installment loans

Oak Park Financial and online lenders are working together to offer online installment loans. We offer loans to borrowers all across Texas.

Texas installment loans have interest rates that are fixed. Before you apply for the loan, you will know your terms, payment amounts and total cost.

 You can return the loan if you have any questions or change of heart within five days. No fees will be charged at this time.

Basics for online installment loans Texas
  •     The loan amounts can range from 0 to $5,000
  •     The terms range from 7 to 26 months
  •     The annual percentage rate (APR) for the loan will range from 99% to 149%

Your eligibility for loans, terms, and rates will vary depending on your creditworthiness. You can submit an application and receive your result within minutes. 

Additional services offered

After you have been approved for an installment loan online, you can accept the full amount or opt to lower it. We urge you not to borrow more than you can repay. Oak Park Financial offers tools and resources to help improve your financial literacy.

These include downloadable budgeting tools, a glossary of financial terms and the Credit Score plus program. This allows you to track one of Transunion’s credit scores and includes free Transunion credit report monitoring.

Comparison of short-term installment loans

While you may not have the time or resources to compare your options during an emergency, it could still be beneficial.

Although a direct lender won’t give you the cheapest credit, an Oak Park Financial loan could be a better choice than a payday loan. These loans may also have some advantages over other installment loans. The advantages include:

  •     There are no fees involved
  •     Online application and approval procedure.
  •     The money could be yours in the next day

Consider these things before you apply for a loan

These are some things to remember when comparing lenders and loan options.


Ask about the time it takes to be approved for a loan online and receive funds. Online lenders might be able to offer a faster solution.

The amount of the loan

You should ensure that the lender offers you loans that are sufficient to meet your financial requirements. You should also be aware of minimum loan requirements. Otherwise, you might have to borrow more than you need. The Texas loan limits range from $500 to $5,000.


Lenders might charge fees for application, origination, or prepayment. We do not charge any of these fees and all payments are clearly disclosed in your loan agreement.

Rates for loans

Comparing loan APRs can be more useful than just looking at their interest rates.

Lender benefits

Lenders may provide additional resources and tools to borrowers. Oak Park Financial offers five business days for you to decide if your loan should be kept. 

You can cancel your decision and return the principal of your loan without any fees. offers many free financial education resources.

Oak Park Financial will report all payments to Transunion or Experian. You can improve your credit and improve your credit score by paying on time. 


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