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How to Compare Payday Loans

Costs of payday loans online are compared by comparing the interest rates over the course of a calendar year. This is also known as the Annual Percentage Rate. 

Payday loan companies must be licensed. Pay attention to rates that are not APR. Typical fees charged by payday lenders include $100 for every $100 borrowed. This  can make a loan seem cheaper than it is. We compared the APRs of four of the most popular online payday lenders.

Online payday lenders have been known to hide their APRs on their websites or advertise lesser pricing only to increase fees for application. This increases the total cost of borrowing. 

4 Ways to Compare Payday Loans

Calculate the APR

Payday lenders must disclose the APR of their loans, even though it might It’s located in the Information to Consumers. 

Know the term of the loan

The term of a loan determines how long it will take to repay. The loan’s term and the interest rate together determine how much you will eventually repay. 

Are there additional fees?

Is the payment subject to a late fee? What is the cost? Is there an additional fee for returning my payment? What is the cost? Is it more expensive to pay off my debt as soon as possible than it is to pay it off? These are the questions you should inquire with your payday lender prior to accepting a loan.

Will the company report my credit information?

Credit reporting is a big benefit of borrowing money. Credit reporting improves your credit score and tells other lenders that you are an excellent borrower. This will make it easier to get affordable loans.

 Credit should be reported by lenders because it is an important benefit for borrowers. Payday lenders that don’t report credit or claim it is too costly should be investigated. 



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